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Welcome to my hardcore porn review site, some of you might think its kinda weird for a girl to be reviewing porn sites, but what you dont know is that girls LOVE porn the same as guys. I rate the sites according to their quality and basically what you get for your money... Jenny

My XXX PassSite Details

Categories: All Access
Review Date: August 05, 2012
Reviewed By: Jenny
Trial Price: $1.00 - 3 Days
Monthly Price: $29.95 - 30 Days
Billing: WTS | CCBill | Epoch Systems
Multi Access: My XXX Pass
Pictures: 1800 Picture Sets w/ 150 Pictures Per Set
High Quality Pictures: Yes
Pictures Match Videos: Yes
Videos: 1800 Videos At Around 30 Minutes Each
Video Downloads: Full Video & Video Clips
Video Format(s): Flash Video (.flv) - 1280x720 5000 Kbps
Flash Video (.flv) - 1920x1080 8000 Kbps
MP4 (.mp4) - 1280x720 5000 Kbps
MP4 (.mp4) - 1920x1080 8000 Kbps
MP4 (.mp4) - 320x240 600 Kbps
MP4 (.mp4) - 480x270 1000 Kbps
MP4 (.mp4) - 854x480 3000 Kbps
MPEG (.mpg) - 480x270 1000 Kbps
Windows Media (.wmv) - 1280x720 5000 Kbps
Windows Media (.wmv) - 1920x1080 8000 Kbps
Windows Media (.wmv) - 480x270 1000 Kbps
Windows Media (.wmv) - 854x480 3000 Kbps
Video DRM No
Delivery Type Download and Stream
Bonus Feeds 37
Bonus Sites 12
Live Chat Yes

My XXX PassJenny's Review

August 05, 2012 | All Access

Everybody loves a good all pass adult site. It gives great value to our money with the variety and numbers of content we can get our hands on. But sad to say, almost all of these sites sucks when it comes to pairing of niches. Okay I get it, you have a lot to offer us, but do cock tugging grannies really go well with Brazilian trannies? Get my drift?

Well, you won't experience that inside My XXX Pass. You'll have to give to these guys, they made sure we all get what we want, when we want and in the way we want it!
This all access site is the best when it comes to fulfilling every porn fan wish. That to have a neatly, and organized but still visually captivating lay out where they can choose the hardcore content of their choice and have it with such ease!

Okay you must be thinking, is she talking about like a 100 sites included in their offers? No, but don’t let that be buzz kill. My XXX Pass has 12 sites, but if really feels like they have a thousand. That’s how great their homepage is! Wait until you get your horny butts inside, I’ll tell boys and girls it will give you the best porn surfing experience ever!

"From the first page down to their sign up page, MY XXX Pass, is filled with lots of images of all sizes and all in HD of their hardcore porn beauties. If you love that, then prepare to go insane inside their member’s area. I did, and I still am!"


Just 12 sites but offering 2130 scenes in 725 hours of the best quality triple XXX collection you can ever lay your eyes on. That’s My XXX Pass in a nutshell. If you love those numbers here’s more to digest.

3000 ++ whopping high resolution photos of all their models which numbers 1221! Staggering numbers which is bringing me to porn bliss!

Some people hate it. Main reason there is there’s so much to choose from you’ll be having a hard time in selecting what you’ll see first. That’s not a bad thing last time I checked.

Their high definition videos can be streamed or downloaded in clips in full length. Online members will take months to download their photos. Because they are just so many! I love it! I love it! I love it! Three loves for this site’s three X’s in their name!


They are highly attuned to the social network fad nowadays that they forgot one thing. Assholes are a plenty amidst the web universe and their user able comment features gives guys who have lots of time to waste to fuck up their video descriptions. I don’t want to see some guy commenting on “Bummer, video hasn’t played,” WI mean what if that guy’s computer is running 2004 era hardware or their ISP is like located in Haiti or something.

But besides that, everything on My XXX Pass is simply sweet!


Whenever I’m about to review a website, I take the time to check what other people have to say about it. I’m like a tourist who’s looking for some firsthand experienced. Good thing I’m not your conventional tourists tho’. I have heard some bad reviews about this all access adult portal’s updating problems. But guys, with this much of content, by the time you download it all I bet they’ll be updating again.

Triple X just fits on My XXX Pass’ name. It’s a triple treat!

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My XXX Pass
My XXX Pass
Score: 90.0
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