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Welcome to my hardcore porn review site, some of you might think its kinda weird for a girl to be reviewing porn sites, but what you dont know is that girls LOVE porn the same as guys. I rate the sites according to their quality and basically what you get for your money... Jenny

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Categories: DVD Porn :: Video Sites | Hardcore | Discount Deals
Review Date: October 31, 2017
Reviewed By: Jenny
Trial Price: N/A
Monthly Price: $9.95 - 30 Days
Billing: Epoch Systems | CCBill
Videos: 117000 Videos At Around 30 Minutes Each
Video Downloads: Full Video & Video Clips
Video Format(s): Flash Video (.flv) - 640x480
MP4 (.mp4) - 320x240 900 Kbps
MP4 (.mp4) - 640x480 2000 Kbps
Windows Media (.wmv) - 320x240 500 Kbps
Windows Media (.wmv) - 480x352 1000 Kbps
Windows Media (.wmv) - 720x480 4000 Kbps
Video DRM No
Delivery Type Download and Stream
Bonus DVDs 21000
Live Chat No

Video BoxJenny's Review

October 31, 2017 | DVD Porn

Ever since high school and college I have always had an interest in sex. However it wasn’t until I was given access to adult movies and magazines that I realized just how much I didn’t know about sexual pleasures. I was amazed really at how kinky I was for a female and I wondered why so many of my friends didn’t have those fantasies like I did. Perhaps they did, and perhaps you do too.

Video Box allows both men and women to view the many different categories that focus on many fetishes and niches. They offer unlimited downloads each month and to be honest from what I could see on the tour, as a member you can live those fantasies for many hours.

"All I can say is this is one hell of a video site."


When you become a member of Video Box you become a member of a site that offers you a huge collection of videos in one place that can be downloaded or streamed online. The bonus feature if you decide to download the movies for your own porn collection is there is no download limit. And if you have a fast speed connection that can bring those movies down faster, then all I can say is lucky you!

There are so many videos to choose from and at the time of this review there were 5474 DVDs available divided into 39 categories. As I mentioned before this site is not just a site for men, women like me love porn too and there are many things that turn a woman on.

Watching porn is one thing, different fetishes and fantasies combined could turn a quiet girl into someone who loves to dominate or who loves to be dominated. Some women are turned on by girl on girl videos, or gangbangs or group sex, toys or squirting, just to name a few niches.

I personally love a site that offers updates of hot porn, and I love a variety of fetishes ad straight sex also. Video Box offers members that and so much more. They offer quality DVDs that can be downloaded or streamed and the quality overall is very good. The range of niches and fetishes include lesbian, gangbangs, Asian, toys, squirting, masturbation, anal, and straight one on one and gonzo sex.

There are at least 5 full DVDs added each day, which means that along with the over 5474 DVDs already available it will take a hell of a long time to either watch or download all the videos or scenes you want to view. Video Box offers its members a never ending supply of porn that comes in many different topics and allows all members, male or female to enjoy their favorite niche.

Navigating around this site is relatively easy which means it’s easy to access the videos. You can choose your favorite category or search by series, popular stars or studio. You can have multiple favorite lists, so you organize your favorite DVDs and scenes. And if you want to view what other others say about the DVDs and scenes you can do that too and you can also review and rate each one that you watch.

If you get bored with all the porn DVDs, which is hardly unlikely, the friends of Video Box section gives you a list of friends that they feel are great sites to visit. There is one small catch though; going to those sites will require you to have your credit card handy.

Personally visiting Video Box is something everyone should experience if they love porn and they really don’t have to go elsewhere unless the fetish or niche they love is not here. Sure they may not cover all fetishes and niches, but they certainly come close to it. With over 2500 DVDs to choose from there is plenty of video content to choose from.

There are three versions of each scene to choose from and you can download them to your hard drive or stream them online. So depending on your internet connection there is version for you to view.


I love my porn and the only real downside to this site is there aren’t enough hours to download all the DVDs that I enjoy. Even on the fastest connection, it’s not fast enough to keep up with the many DVDs they have in the collection. There were a few fetishes that I love missing, but maybe one day they will appear inside Video Box.


All I can say is this is one hell of a video site. The quality of course varies depending on the age of the DVDs but Video Box appears to try to keep the quality of their content high. They offer 5 DVD updates each day along with a fantastic selection of categories to choose from.

If you love porn, you’ll love Video Box. I have no problems recommending this site to my friends, male or female or anyone who loves hot porn. Go for it! The price is right and I am sure you will love it as much as I do.