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White Boy StompSite Details

Categories: Group Sex :: Interracial
Review Date: October 11, 2007
Reviewed By: Jenny
Trial Price: $1.00 - 3 Days
Monthly Price: $24.95 - 30 Days
Billing: Epoch Systems | CCBill
Multi Access: Wild Porn Pass
Videos: 14 Videos At Around 30 Minutes Each
Video Downloads: Full Video & Video Clips
Video Format(s): Windows Media (.wmv) - 320x240
Windows Media (.wmv) - 480x360
Windows Media (.wmv) - 640x480
Video DRM No
Live Chat No

White Boy StompJenny's Review

October 11, 2007 | Group Sex

I love this line from the tour “Come along and see what happens when these white boys find a black slut to fuck.” That is correct, this site is dedicated to white guys pursuing and bagging gorgeous black babes and for a change of pace it’s the dark meat getting used and abused!

"Considering the outstanding bonuses they throw in I can say without a doubt you will enjoy this network of hard core porn sites."


Being a white woman I have always found myself somewhat fascinated by the thought of a black woman completely naked and I am not too shy to admit that it turns me on quite a bit. Watching them in action is a very real turn on for me so when I see a site dedicated to black girls having hot hard core sex with a bunch of white guys I pay close attention!

But finding White Boy Stomp (and I cannot tell you how relieved I was that it was NOT the other kind of stomp… ouch!) can be a bit of a challenge here. When you log in you are not actually taken to this member’s area but rather a very large main members area for a network of sites, all of which you get access to. Since this is just one of many sites here it can be difficult to locate, just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and keep your eyes pealed for the button for it.

This member’s area is pretty simple once you find it. Everything they have is spread out over two pages with simple next and back type of buttons. Each page has seven videos with great preview images and a link titled “Click Here Entire Movie.” And that takes you to the video gallery type page.

The video gallery page is where it really starts to get good, I mean preview pics are ok but we’re here to watch some videos right? You get a choice on how you want to stream or download your clips with two WMV screen sizes, one for modems or dial up at 320x240 and one for broadband connection at 420x316. But the real gem is the full length uncut DivX AVI with a screen size of 528x400, this thing can be viewed extremely clear in full screen mode!

I can’t tell you for certain how often they update this site since they do not include the dates when each video was added to the site. And there is no way of knowing when the next video will join this hot mix of white guys gangbanging black babes. The main member’s area does update at least once a day and it does it with a full DVD which includes multiple videos in each.

That brings me to everything else you get when you become a member here. I have mentioned a new DVD added each and every day and that it consists of more then one video, so it’s a beefy update. But what’s even better is they are adding these to an archive that already has over 700 DVDs, over 2000 videos broken down into 20 separate porn categories.

Not only that but you also get access to an additional 35 sites and all of them have as high of quality as this site does. The action in all the sites is pretty face paced and they don’t waste a lot of time with things like ‘plot’. You’re here to see people having sex and that’s exactly what they give to you!


They give it to you but you may need to experiment as to which hours of the day you want to surf. I have checked this site out three times during the day and in the morning and afternoon the speeds are very fast. In the evening or at ‘peak times’ it slows down considerably taking quite awhile just for the page to load. Play around with when you log in and you will find a time of day I am sure that will suit your needs.


I like hot black girls and I discovered that I like them even more when they are tackling multiple white cocks at the same time! The quality here is exceptional and the action is hard core all the way. Considering the outstanding bonuses they throw in I can say without a doubt you will enjoy this network of hard core porn sites.

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